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Tomlinson McKinstry Has Years of Experience in Representing Plaintiffs in Complex Personal Injury Cases.

Accidents can happen at any time - and sometimes, they are caused by negligence, defective products or other reasons.  If you, your family, or your property has been harmed in an accident where the fault lies with another party, you may need a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma .

Tomlinson McKinstry has experience litigating a wide variety of personal injury cases, including truck and auto accidents, fires, ATV accidents, aircraft crashes, construction equipment accidents, and insurance disputes.

Many personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma place an emphasis on settling out of court because it's quick and easy.  However, settling quickly isn't always the best solution - particularly if your damages are extensive, or you believe that punitive measures are called for. 

At Tomlinson McKinstry, we prepare every case with the assumption -and the intention- of taking it all the way, to be heard by a judge or jury.  If an offer to settle is made and you believe it to be fair, we will work with that.  However, if you believe the best course is to take your matter to trial, we have brought numerous cases to conclusion with a longstanding record of in-court success.